Gardening and Floristry


Gardening and Floristry technician

Course length

2.000 hours (two school years)

  • 1.617 hours in the educational centre
  • 383 hours in traineeship
What will I study?
  • Agronomic principles
  • Workshop and traction equipment
  • Agricultural facilities
  • Plant health principles
  • Plant health control
  • Garden and green area implementation
  • Garden and green area maintenance and enhancement
  • Nursery plants and sod production
  • Flower and plant arrangement
  • Floristry commercial establishments
  • Garden and floristry sales techniques
  • Training and career counselling
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technical English
  • Synthesis 
  • Training in workplace
Which jobs will I qualify for?
  • Orchard, nursery and garden worker
  • General gardener
  • Sports field caretaker
  • Urban park and historical and/or botanical garden worker
  • Garden and green area installations maintenance qualified worker
  • Private practice gardening company qualified worker
  • Planter worker
  • Regular nursery worker
  • Nursery plant propagation qualified worker
  • Nursery plant growing qualified worker
  • Elevated fruit and seed gathering specialised worker 
  • Seed production qualified worker
  • Grafting worker
  • Qualified nursery worker
  • Flower shop employee or self-employed florist
  • Florist officer
  • Flower shop salesperson
Where will I work?

In public and private companies: installing, improving and managing indoor and outdoor gardens and green areas; sod and plant growing in nurseries; designing and crafting floral and plant arrangements, as well as in the sales and distribution departments of said companies, either as employee or free agent.

You will also be certified to apply pesticide treatment, in accordance to the environmental regulations and the occupational risk prevention law.

Training in workplace also acts as a gateway to the job market.