Training In Workplace

Internships - Training In Workplace (TiW)

Our school offers a common module in all courses: Training in Workplace (TiW). It involves many companies and other collaborating institutions, which provide our students with traineeships and internships.

Such non-work related traineeships are legally regulated and managed by Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya through a cooperation agreement signed by the school, the student and the company.

From the student’s standpoint, the traineeship main goals are:

  1. Developing the already acquired knowledge in a new, workplace environment.
  2. Assessing their skills and interests in a real workplace environment as a tool to support counseling.
  3. Getting to know the responsibilities and tasks they will undergo in their future jobs, as well as developing their social and working skills.
  4. Acquiring new knowledge and technical expertise related to the learning goals defined by the educational curriculum.
  5. Using their know-how to boost employability and engage in an active life.
  6. Promoting qualified professionals recruitment.

The TiW module is included in the official educational curriculum for all courses, and as such, completion is required to obtain any of our degrees.

Our courses are singular in the sense that many workplace internships are carried out in deep rural areas throughout Catalonia. In some cases internships can also be realized in companies located outside of Catalonia.

TiW internships are 383 hours long, spanning two school years, while PFI internships are 180 hours long. In order to qualify for an internship, students must attain certain academic results and attitudinal aspects determined by the Assessment Board.

Activities are tutored by a company worker (company tutor), who is in charge of the student’s integration into the workplace as well as assessing their learning progress. Thus, monitoring and evaluation tasks are shared between the company tutor and the school tutor.

Our institution benefits from a wide network of collaborating companies. Although new companies join every school year, here is a list of our current main partners:

Training In Workplace 01

  • ADF Gavarres
  • Sabadell Agricultura Ecològica (Landete-Cuenca)
  • Ametlla del Vallès (Ajuntament)
  • ASUNI (Paisatgisme)
  • Barcelona (Ajuntament. Àrea de Medi Ambient)
  • Barcelona (Ajuntament. Serveis Municipals (Zoo)
  • Barcelona (Ajuntament. Jardí Botànic)
  • Bodega Lleure Olesa (Olesa de Bonesvalls)
  • Centre de Recuperació d’animals marins (CRAM)
  • Centre de recuperació de fauna de Torreferrusa
  • Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals (CREAF)
  • CESPA – FERROVIAL (Jardineria)
  • CLECE (jardineria)
  • Consorci del Parc de Collserola (Can Coll)
  • Consorci del Parc de Collserola (Can Borni)
  • Consorci del Parc de Collserola (Can Balasc)
  • DARP – Bosc de Poblet
  • DARP – Parc Nacional d’Aigüestortes
  • DARP – Parc del Cadí – Moixeró
  • DIBA (Parc Natural del Montseny)
  • DIBA (Parc de la Serralada de Marina)
  • DIBA (Espai Natural de les Guilleries - Savassona)
  • DIBA (Parc del Montnegre i del Corredor)
  • DIBA (Parc del Garraf)
  • DIBA (Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt i Serra de l’Obac)
  • Training In Workplace 02

  • DIBA (Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat)
  • DYNAMIS (Girona) Aplicacions per l’economia sostenible.
  • ECOIMA (educació ambiental)
  • EDULIS (educació ambiental) L’Espígol (Jardineria)
  • Ferran Florista
  • Floristeria Muguet
  • FUNDACIÓ EMYS (gestió forestal)
  • Fundació Integració Laboral (jardineria per discapacitats)
  • Gelida (Ajuntament)
  • Golf Masia Bach de Barcelona. Granada. Jardines de la Alhambra. Granollers (Ajuntament)
  • Hortiland (Gusi planters) (Baix Llobregat) (empresa hortícola)
  • Institut de Recerca I Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (IRTA). Torre Marimon. Caldes de Montbui.
  • Institut de Recerca I Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (IRTA). Cabrils.
  • Jardí Botànic Mar i Murtra
  • Jardí Natura CTMJ
  • Jardiland (Mataró)
  • Jardineria Bordas (Gavà)
  • Jardineria Bordas (Santa Eulalia) (Garden)
  • Jardineria Moix
  • Jardineria Monés
  • Jardineria Moral
  • Montcada i Reixac (Ajuntament)
  • Montmeló (Ajuntament)
  • Natur Àmbit (jardineria)
  • Pujades jardiners
  • Riera Villagrasa (Vivers
  • Training In Workplace 03

  • Santa Coloma de Gramanet (Ajuntament)
  • Santillana del Mar. Zoològic.
  • Senderis – L’Hivernacle (Garden)
  • SIGEA (educació ambiental. Custòdia del territori)
  • Tàbola (floristes)
  • Tarpuna (educació ambiental)
  • TEBVERD (Jardineria)
  • Tiana (Ajuntament)
  • Vilanova del Vallès (Ajuntament)
  • Vivers Llópis