Garden and Nursery Assistant

Course length

1000 hours (one school year)

  • 820 hours in the educational centre
  • 180 hours in traineeship
What will I study?

Specific vocational training module (665 hours)

  • Assistance operations in production and maintenance of plants in nurseries and garden centres.
  • Assistance operations in garden, park and green area installations
  • Integrated project

General training module (335 hours)

  • Job search techniques
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Basic mathematical tools and strategies in the labour market and everyday life
  • Occupational risks and environmental training
  • Personal and labour development
Which jobs will I qualify for?
  • Gardening assistant
  • Nursery assistant
  • Garden centre assistant
  • Sports field assistant
  • Basic level pesticide handler
Where will I work?

You will be able to work in gardening companies, nurseries and garden centres, as well as in public park, garden and green area services.